This project required us to create a motion graphics piece based on an object that we have found at the Battle of Trafalgar exhibition in the Maritime Museum. My object was a painting of Nelson when he had lost his arm. I had to use this within the final piece to create a narrative around it.

My aim was not to highlight the fact that Nelson had lost his arm, but to highlight the fact that he had lost the ability to write to his loved ones. I personally feel that I have achieved that within the short clip that I created. However I do feel that I could have added a bit more information, perhaps even the first letter he tried to write with his other hand to show his struggle.

As this was my first time using After Effects I feel my strongest element was the text that looked like it was being written as you read it. However I do feel I could have experimented a bit more in order to create a more successful video.

I mentioned that my aim was to have this motion graphics piece on the BBC Bitesize website as an introduction to a documentary. I feel that this would be suitable for the website and I feel that my target audience would find it interesting.


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