This project required us to create a motion graphics piece based on an object that we have found at the Battle of Trafalgar exhibition in the Maritime Museum. My object was a painting of Nelson when he had lost his arm. I had to use this within the final piece to create a narrative around it.

My aim was not to highlight the fact that Nelson had lost his arm, but to highlight the fact that he had lost the ability to write to his loved ones. I personally feel that I have achieved that within the short clip that I created. However I do feel that I could have added a bit more information, perhaps even the first letter he tried to write with his other hand to show his struggle.

As this was my first time using After Effects I feel my strongest element was the text that looked like it was being written as you read it. However I do feel I could have experimented a bit more in order to create a more successful video.

I mentioned that my aim was to have this motion graphics piece on the BBC Bitesize website as an introduction to a documentary. I feel that this would be suitable for the website and I feel that my target audience would find it interesting.



Seeing as I am not confident with animation and motion graphics I have found some basic tutorials to follow which will enable me to develop my range of skills using after effects.

Here are some of the tutorials that I have been looking at:

Because I am talking about handwriting and losing a limb that will stop you from using it I intend to have some moving handwriting within the clip. Which is why I found this tutorial quite useful.


Video Research:

As the information that I want to show in my video is quite rare and interesting I intend to make a educational clip that might appeal to children. There are various of these kind of clips around for educational purposes, for example BBC Bitesize

Having looked at these following clips and the others that feature on the Website I feel that this will be an appropriate audience for me to target. Not only because of the information that I am going to display but also the structure of the video it self. I feel that I will be able to achieve a similar style and quality as the videos.



Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 19.53.43

For example my clip could feature on the BBC Bitesize Webpage as a short introduction to Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar.

Video Research:

Maritime Museum Object:

As mentioned before, I had to choose and object from the Battle of Trafalgar Exhibit at the Maritime Museum. The next step is to use that object as a focus point of the Motion Graphics Piece.

During the visit to the Museum I came across a very interesting part of one of the most significant moments of Nelsons life.



The description on the left describes the photo above.

More research about this painting describes a very interesting moment in Nelsons life. He was obviously seen as a very strong individual, however Nelson stated the weakest moment in his life was not when he lost his right arm, but when he couldn’t right to his loved ones due to the loss of his am. Something that anyone else might feel is a very simple thing, marked the most significant moment in his life. Writing to his woman was the only way of personally communicating with her.

This is why I have chosen this object and is what I would like to show in my video: The fact that losing his arm isn’t what made him feel weak and in fact it being the loss of communication to his loved ones.

Maritime Museum Object: